Do we meet you before you look after our dog?

Absolutely!  We'll meet to discuss your and your dog's requirements.  This way we can ensure that the walk is enjoyed by everyone.

Do I need to be home when you pick up / drop off my dog?

No, you don't.  If you're comfortable sharing a set of keys with The Dog Runner, I can exercise your dog when you're not home.

Will my dog be let off the lead?

If your dog has good recall, and subject to your prior agreement, then yes, once we've got to know each other.  The relevant consent form will need to be signed.

What happens in bad weather?

The dog walks still go ahead!  If there are extreme weather conditions that would make it unsafe, and the walks need to be cancelled, I'll let you know with as much notice as possible.  Depending on circumstances, it may be possble to change walks to home visits, for dogs at home on their own.

What about when it's very hot?

Although it's very important to me that your dogs enjoy themselves, their safety is my top priority.  When it's hotter, I'll adapt walks to more suitable locations where there's plenty of shade.  In extreme temperatures, and with prior agreement, home visits may be a more suitable option.


What do you do in the case of an emergency?

I'll ensure I have all the relevant contact details, so in the unlikely event of an emergency, I will immediately call and notify you.  If veterinary assistance is needed, I'll take your dog to your named vet or, depending on the circumstances, to the nearest possible one.

Are you insured?

Yes, The Dog Runner is fully insured.  Please ask to see the insurance certificate.

What if I need to cancel?

Please contact The Dog Runner by phone or email, with at least 24 hours notice, for no charges to apply.

We see other dog walking vans, but not yours...

I don't advertise on my vehicle, so you won't see TheDogRunner signage anywhere.  I don't think it benefits you for me to tell people "nobody's home".

Terms & Conditions

Details of Terms and Conditions for payments and cancellations can be viewed by clicking below