About The Dog Runner

Sara, The Dog Runner

A quick introduction...

I'm Sara, a 40-something from Chandler's Ford, and I'm 'The Dog Runner'. 

How it all began...

My first ever job, at about 12 years old, was dog walking for a local business owner.  Beauty was a delightful black Labrador, who loved her after-school visits to the local lakes, which continued until I left school.

A friend and I started running a few years ago, and to my surprise I found that I was hooked from the start.  It’s a great way to keep fit and get those endorphins flowing - with the added boost of getting plenty of fresh air.  When my friend’s dog (Mabel) started joining us on our training runs, I realised that it was a fantastic way to combine two things I love - dogs and running.

I've now left the world of office work behind, to spend more time in the great outdoors with some furry companions.  Come rain or shine, as a dog or a dog walker, there’s always something to explore.

Why choose The Dog Runner?

I know how important all our four-legged friends are, so I'll always make sure they receive the highest quality care.

As your dogs are the priority, I give them my total focus when we’re out.  I do take a few photos (dogs are so photogenic it's hard not to), but wont be pre-occupied posting on social media or chatting on the phone.  I aim to tailor walks to whatever suits your dogs, whether that's a relaxing mooch through the woods, or a higher energy run.  Despite being The Dog Runner, I still enjoy a leisurely walk, so am more than happy to welcome any dogs who are less athletic!

Inevitably, we're likely to find mud on our outings (it's a key part of doggie fun for many).  Although I don't offer a full bath, I always endeavour to return dogs home in a presentable condition.

I'm currently studying a professional diploma, which covers numerous topics that are important for a dog walker.  I've already passed the first two modules; Canine Anatomy and Canine Form & Function, and just started Body Language.  Next on the list is First Aid, then Canine Law and Dog Aggression.