The Cat's Butler

Patch enjoying the sunshine

The Dog Runner is The Cat's Butler too!

Cats have been a much loved and constant ingredient of my life for nearly 30 years - ever since my fourteenth birthday present of a fluffy white kitten.  Sophie was soon joined by another kitten (Jessie), and later by an adopted stray (Sammy).  Years later Patch and Tiz were delightful additions to our household.

Their quirky, and very individual, personalities have provided much entertainment over the years, as well as plenty of furry cuddles.

Tiz, enjoying the closest to a box that was available...

Cat visits

Many cats are creatures of habit, making a cattery stay a stressful experience.  Allowing them to stay in their own home means they're more relaxed when you're away.  Although cats are often very independent, it doesn't necessarily mean they don't value human interaction.

Tiz, making herself a nest in the long grass.

My cat visits can provide plenty of play and fuss time, as well as feeding.  Just because they don't need walking like dogs, doesn't mean they just get a quick pop-in at food time.  I've become used to being a 'cat butler' over the years, as my cats trained me well!